Fiber lasers for higher marking traceability

According to recent studies, the global automation industry will greatly grow this year. So, manufacturers should constantly develop new ways to optimize processes and increase the quality of their products. They have to collect more precise information and improve automated identification systems based on fiber laser technology to advance traceability because the supply chains become significantly complex. 
Herewith, the choice of marking technology plays a crucial role in the realization of a traceability system. Marking systems based on fiber laser technology are the best solution for those manufacturers who require high-quality marks that provide conformity and accountability. The fiber lasers for marking arranges it by offering three important advantages: a high contrast, permanent marks, and adaptability to complex shapes. 
Fiber laser systems are especially advantageous at marking high-contrast engravings on aluminum and most other metals. Moreover, they arrange a high level of strength, integrity, and accuracy of the parts being marked.
In particular, it is recommended to apply fiber laser etching for the creation of high-contrast markings on aluminum. The surface of units is getting modified at a microscopic level. The laser beam emits an immense amount of heat to the material surface, melting and expanding it, therefore, producing a texture on the microsurface that results in transforming its color and makes a mark more contrast. Finally, after the long-term changes to the surface texture, the marks change and become permanent and resistant to any kind of damage like abrasion and scratches. 
Additionally, manufacturing parts are often repeatedly applied and can face severe operating environments and extreme temperatures. Marks made by non-permanent marking techniques like inkjets, dot peens, etc. can become deteriorated or difficult to read after a while. Fiber laser etching offers lifetime traceability and legibility of markings on units. 
Also, manufacturers can apply fiber lasers to print deeper high-quality codes that remain readable for a long time. The fact is that marked code passes deeper into the metal and has a rougher surface texture due to the disposed fiber laser properties. Fiber laser etching is widely applied in the automotive industry to prevent any kind of laser features are disposed to produce like sandblasting, e-coating, powder coating, etc.
Industrial fiber lasers for marking are systems with low maintenance, easy automation, long operating life, and do not require consumables.
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