Fiber laser applications in laser cutting

The use of fiber laser systems for production applications is growing as on price per watt, beam quality, and electrical consumption fiber lasers provide the highest performance and lowest costs. The applications of fiber laser systems are constantly expanding – from traditional cutting and welding to more advanced 3D printing and surface texturing.
Laser technology is widely used in cutting, drilling, welding, drilling, etc. Fiber lasers provide high power and accuracy to these applications while maintaining low maintenance costs. Most fiber laser manufacturers provide a wide range of products that are designed according to the needs of a specific area of fiber laser applications. The ability to manufacture custom fiber laser systems is crucial for some applications that require very specific laser power, wavelength, etc.
Fiber laser systems are superior to traditionally used CO2 lasers that used to be widely used for laser cutting applications. Traditional CO2 lasers have numerous drawbacks, while fiber lasers for cutting applications provide several advantages:

  • High beam quality fiber lasers allow to cut, engrave and mark a wide range of metallic materials.
  • Fiber lasers have a large range of power output ranging from 500W and up.
  • Fiber laser systems for cutting applications provide a machine capability of cutting sheet metals.
  • Fiber lasers, specifically femtosecond fiber lasers and picosecond fiber lasers,  provide faster processing times and reduced energy consumption due to increased efficiency.
  • Fiber laser cutting systems require minimal maintenance.
  • Higher productivity of fiber lasers makes them ideal for laser cutting applications.

Main areas of fiber laser cutting applications include precision engineering, including fiber laser micromachining, high precision sheet metal profiling, cutting transparent materials, marking components for traceability, etc.
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