Signal frequency fiber lasers for gravitational wave detectors

Single frequency laser sources are required for further development of gravitational wave detectors. There is a number of requirements that single frequency lasers need to meet in order to be used in gravitational wave detection applications. For example, the lasers need to have a wavelength of 1μm, an output power of several hundred watts, and a spectral linewidth in the kilohertz (kHz) range. One of the main challenges, however, is the development of high power output of single frequency fiber lasers. The existing lasers are often limited to the 1W output power, which is considered to be low output power and is not enough for gravitational wave detection. The limitation in output power is caused by thermal and mechanical problems.
Numerous laser types have been used for the detection of gravitational waves. One of them is a high-power solid-state injection-locked solid-state oscillator that is currently used for gravitational wave detection. The development of high-brightness diode lasers has paved the way for high power single frequency fiber lasers. In order to make the laser output power higher, specialized fiber-based master oscillator power amplifiers are used. With the use of amplifiers, the power levels in the range of 500W are achieved, along with a spectral linewidth of up to 1MHz.
The problem with the fiber lasers used for gravitational wave applications is low beam quality, like transversal mode instabilities, and the lack of suitable fiber components. These problems inhibit the development of reliable single frequency fiber laser systems with high output powers at the level of several hundred watts. The highest fiber laser output power achieved in a laboratory setting is around 200-300W. The most promising fiber lasers for gravitational wave detection applications are ytterbium-doped fiber lasers and amplifiers.
Single frequency fiber laser market is rapidly expanding and evolving; fiber laser technology has become more complex and sophisticated. The fiber laser systems available at the moment are used in various applications, like laser welding and cutting.
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