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Ultrashort pulsed laser based on quantum physics

Recently a group of researchers consisted of five countries has presented a new theory, called the coherent master equation that studies the behavior of ultrashort pulsed lasers based on fast materials and highlights its effects of quantum coherence. To be more precise, the quantum coherence of the pulsed laser is considered to be “the ability of material and light electrons to oscillate in unison for some time”.
The thing is that these fiber laser systems allow emitting intense pulses of laser beam light of one billionth of a second at a constant rate, considerably influencing technologically and scientifically. According to the research, such discovery promotes the development of new types of fiber lasers, exceptionally with semiconductor materials, from quantum theory, which demonstrates the interactions between matter and luminous radiation electrons.
It should be noted that the use of mode-locked ultrashort pulsed lasers is highly promising, therefore, the laser system applications include such areas as medical-surgical, microscopy, spectroscopy or telecommunications techniques,  basic science experiments that favor research on fundamental phenomena. Also, the pulsed laser system plays a crucial role in accurate metrology based on optical frequency combs (a type of radiation applied in GPS or remote sensing technologies).
The thing is that these pulsed lasers are not new, they date back virtually to the very birth of the fiber laser systems, despite the fact that a simple and predictive theory of its behavior appeared later. Herewith, the laser system theory, called the master equation, has been created by Hermann A. Haus and greatly succeeded in the application of numerous pulsed laser types.
The research group consists of scientists from Spain, France, Italy, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. They study the theory limitations associated with ultrashort pulsed lasers, which do not explain the laser behavior when the response of the amp medium is rapid pulse repetition frequency. To solve the problem, scientists have performed a set of semiconductor-based fiber laser experiments that affirm the theoretical predictions of their proposal. To be more precise, the coherent master equation enables them to define the coherent quantum effects observed by other groups in previous experiments under laser systems.
Finally, the scientists claim that the novel theory of ultrashort pulsed lasers enlarges opportunities to employ the rich phenomenology of these effects in the design of new types of ML fiber laser systems, which can result in new functionalities and applications, particularly in areas such as accurate metrology or optical communications.
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