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Ultrafast coherently combined fiber laser technology

Recently a team of researchers has succeeded to develop the new ultrafast fiber laser technology due to coherent laser beam combination with direct water cooling. The thing is that the laser system produces an average power that is virtually 10× that of current high-powered fiber lasers combining the output of 12 amplifiers.
To be more precise, such a combination allows for fiber laser systems to overcome any challenges presented by the waste heat that they create when emitting laser beam light. It should be noted that current laser’s parameters enable them to effectively dissipate waste heat (in the range of a single kW) but the exit beyond that range of power leads to the decrease of laser beam quality.
Herewith, the new fiber laser system emits 10.4 kW average power, at 80 MHz repetition, without any decrease of laser beam quality. The operating principle is based on the laser system that “is turned on and optimized channel-by-channel, with each channel performing at maximum pump power.”
Additionally, the fiber laser has been already tested and demonstrated 96% combined efficiency with a laser beam pulse energy of 130 μJ and pulse energy of 250 fs. Thus, the problem of high noise has been overcome in the early-stage thanks to direct water cooling resulting in a highly reliable laser system.
It should be noted that in the development stage, the fiber laser demonstrated excellent performance at low average laser beam power for deactivated water cooling. Nevertheless, when the cooling is activated, the level of noise increases and requires the cooling system. Therefore, the amplifier layout has been changed leading to solving the existing problem.
Also, the researchers claim that the new fiber laser technology makes the system close to ideal laser beam quality that is considered to be equal to 1. It is very important because the aim of the development is the solution to the heat-induced problem of laser beam quality decrease of individual amplifiers.
The coherent beam combination makes it possible to unite several high-powered laser beams into one, and the power and beam quality remains the same while increasing brightness. This fiber laser can be used in extreme applications, for example, laser-driven particle acceleration and space debris removal. Additionally, this laser system is ideal in industrial and manufacturing industries, for instance, in high-speed scanning and ablation cooling.
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