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Low Power Single Frequency CW Fiber Lasers

Narrow linewidth lasers with good beam quality attracted much attention in recent years due to their laser diverse applications in remote sensing, gravitational wave detection, nonlinear frequency conversion. Recently, reported a widely tunable in the middle infrared radiation (2.7 to 17 μm). Additionally, 1064 nm has especially application in sum frequency generation (SFG) with 1319 nm to produce 589 nm sodium laser guide star (LGS). Nowadays, there are several kinds of LGS format, such as continuous wave (CW), quasi-CW (QCW) microsecond (μs) pulse, and mode-locked short pulse.
Optromix Erbius-SF-1550-X series is a low-noise single frequency 1550 nm fiber laser based on a longitudinal single mode has a wide range thermal wavelength tuning and optional active wavelength control.
Optromix Company designed Erbius-SF-1550-X as a 19-inch benchtop module for an effortless industrial turn-key integration. Erbius-SF-1550-X comes with a piezoelectric tuning with internal and external wavelength modulation at kHz bandwidth for locking purposes. This is a perfect tool for research labs due to excellent performance, high reliability, and lower cost.
Single Frequency CW laser have unique key features, such as Ultra Narrow linewidth (<1 kHz). The typical linewidth is <1 nm for standard multiline models and is either in the kHz or MHz range for single-frequency options.
CW lasers in the ≤100 W power range are single-mode with theoretically limited beam quality, typical M2 ≤1.05. However, when the application requires it, multimode lasers are also offered.  Due to an absence of thermal lensing in the laser cavity, fiber lasers maintain beam mode quality and divergence over the full range of output power adjustment. This is not the case with DPSS bulk lasers which are typically optimized to run at the nominal power level.
The CW fiber lasers in the ≤100 W power range typically have fixed wavelength. Most models allow the user to select the wavelength over a certain range prior to the purchase of the laser. For Ytterbium lasers, the typical wavelength range is 1030-1090 nm (Yb CW fiber lasers in the range 978-1020 are also available); for Erbium lasers, the range is 1535-1565 nm; for Thulium lasers the range is 1.9-2.05 µm.
There is a great variety of Single frequency fiber laser applications, f.e. atomic trapping and cooling, optical tweezers, spectroscopy, efficient second-harmonic generation, LIDAR and optical sensing. If you would like to buy Optromix single frequency CW 1550 (1535 – 1580 nm) high power fiber laser Erbius-SF-1550-X series, please Contacts or +1 617 558 98 58