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Fiber lasers application in the art world

We all perfectly know the impact of fiber laser technology on different spheres of science. The accuracy of the laser beam has become irreplaceable to the spheres of medicine, telecommunications, etc. However, just a few people have heard about the fiber lasers‘ appliances as art instruments. And we are not talking about restoring the old artwork like in cleaning techniques. 
As we already know, fiber lasers can cut patterns in materials like paper, wood, and metal. The patterns are highly immune to harsh environments and chemical influence. The scientists used all these features to create a new fiber laser system, that can be useful for some artists and designers.
Recently, the research team from Russia has created a fiber laser paintbrush. It helps the designers who develop, erase or change the colors of strokes on a titanium canvas. 
From the very beginning, the scientists created a device based on fiber laser that produced oxidation to develop a full-color palette on stainless steel. There is no need for any external colorants. In reality, an oxide layer is formed on the top of the metal surface. It has a special thickness and chemical composition. Once the researchers found the certain parameters for each color, they got an idea to invent a special instrument based on fiber laser for it. 
For erasing and rewriting the research team invented a printer that can create titanium artwork based on a fiber laser by using an image. The printer includes a nanosecond ytterbium fiber laser system with a scanner that could move the laser beam. To make the strokes, the fiber laser paintbrush heats the titanium surface. And when the metal cools, a thin oxide layer forms, producing colors. The researchers found out that the color brightness is getting reduced after the second fiber laser pass. They also could change the intensity and scanning speed a little that helped to remove the color completely from the surface.  
The research team created several famous art masterpieces to demonstrate the work of fiber laser paintbrushes. It took just three minutes to create a picture with the fiber laser system that the artists could create for years. Then the scientists are going to develop a fiber laser system as a handheld tool. So the artists could use it more like a real pen or paintbrush.
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