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Femtosecond fiber laser market forecast

Fiber lasers have an active medium that is made up of an optical fiber that is doped with rare-earth components, some of which include ytterbium, erbium, dysprosium, neodymium, thulium, holmium and praseodymium. Due to the use of these rare-earth components, fiber lasers have a huge bandwidth and are extremely effective. The production of moderately cheap, rugged, and compact fiber lasers with fiber-coupled yield has made femtosecond fiber lasers desirable in many different applications, like nonlinear imaging and microscopy, tissue ablation and micro and nano surgery, among others.
Fiber lasers include a wide range of lasers that have been developed and designed over the past 30 years. There are multimode- and single varieties with ultraviolet to far-infrared wavelengths that show high power level, adjustable repetition rate, and femtosecond pulse durations.
Femtosecond fiber lasers have a low cost of ownership, are eco-friendly and have high beam quality. These factors fuel the femtosecond fiber laser market growth. One of the key factors that have an effect on the growing popularity of fiber lasers in general and femtosecond fiber lasers in particular is a trend of green engineering, rise in apprehension of manufacturers concerning the influence of their products on environment. Due to the aforementioned reasons, many industries have utilized these lasers in cutting and marking applications. Traditional means of material cutting, marking and welding are being gradually replaced by fiber laser systems as they are easy to operate and are energy proficient.
A new report on the femtosecond fiber market outlines that fiber laser market in general will continue to grow and expand while traditional techniques and instruments are being replaced by fiber laser systems. Femtosecond fiber lasers are the most prevalent in the Asia Pacific region, that holds the biggest share of the market. North America region holds second place in terms of revenue. Asia-Pacific and North America together accounted for more than half of the global market revenue in 2016. Asia-Pacific held the maximum share during the time period due to augmented demand of femtosecond fiber lasers in automotive and electronics industry.
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