Absolutely new time-reversed laser system

According to a group of researchers from Austria, recently they have found a way to make a novel laser system which light source would become a perfect light absorber, to be precise, so-called anti-laser module. Herewith, the researchers confirm that their device could suggest laser applications in mobile and medical areas.

The concept of the laser system is time-reversed, and the principle of laser technology operation is based on the process of random scattering. Also, the device operates with the help of computer simulations and it was already tested and showed highly promising results.
Moreover, the researchers believe that their laser development is able to open up new possibilities for all fields in science and engineering where wave phenomena play a crucial role. The thing is that complex scattered waves are all around us and can find a practical application in random laser systems.
Thus, this laser technology is based on a disordered medium with a random internal structure that allows catching light and creating a complex unique laser field, but only if it is equipped with energy. However, the laser module experiment demonstrates that the process can also be reversed in time.
Consequently, the researchers have succeeded to develop the laser system that emits special waves depending on its inner composition. Herein, this laser module is able to operate as a perfect absorber that completely diffuses an incoming wave with the right wavelength and spatial pattern.
It should be noted that anti-laser systems have only been used in one-dimensional structures before while laser light was directed from two opposite sides. The new technique is much more general, very prospective, and the most important fact is that it offers a wider range of laser applications.
Also, it is possible to find a certain wavefront for every object that absorbs waves, no matter the level of strength. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the laser absorber should be necessary strong enough to assimilate every incoming wave. Instead of it, the anti-laser module uses incident wave splits into many other waves that then cover and interfere with each other in such manner that none of the laser waves can quit the end. That is why it is possible to use even weak laser absorber.
Today the structure of the random anti-laser system includes a microwave chamber with a central absorbing antenna, surrounded by a random arrangement of Teflon-coated cylinders that diffuse microwaves and provide a complicated wave pattern. Possibly, in the near future, it will be real to use the laser technology, for example, the antenna in your cell phone for personal application as well as in medicine when it is necessary to deliver wave energy to a very specific point.
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