Optromix CLS-5000/CL-7000/CL-7500 Product Line

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Shot Pulsed 193 nm, 248 nm, 308 nm (157 nm Custom) Excimer Lasers





Operating mode



193 nm, 248, nm, 308 nm,

157 nm (Custom)

193 nm, 248 nm

Max. Pulse Energy (mJ)

12 – 25 mJ

250 – 400 mJ

100 – 250 mJ

Pulse duration (ns)

11 –12 ns

17 –20 ns

20 ns

Maximum repetition rate (Hz)

500 Hz

100 Hz

50 Hz


High beam position stability

High beam pointing stability

● High repetition rate

Compact size

Energy stabilization



Manufacturing of diffraction structures in optical fibers

Materials processing

Laser engraving (diamonds, optical elements)

Laser vision correction


FBG writing

Laser Lift-Off process

Laser engraving

Pulsed laser deposition

Optromix CLS-5000, CL-7000, and CL-7500 models are high pulse energy DUV Excimer lasers using ArF, KrF, XeCl gas premixes. The corresponding wavelengths are 193 nm, 248 nm, and 308 nm. Optionally the wavelength of 157 nm is available. The CLS-5000, CL-7000, and CL-7500 key features are a short pulse duration and a high repetition rate. These modules are controlled via an RS-232 connector using a PC monitor and a software supplied with the device. CL-7000 model, an air-cooled version is available with the repetition rate up to 20 Hz. CL 7500 model is distinguished by a narrow linewidth less than 3 pm.

Optromix highest priority is to deliver you the best product that suits your specific needs. We can customize our products by requests.
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