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Fiber laser technology in optimizing 3D printing

Science has always had an aim to develop more efficient manufacturing fiber laser technology. That is a crucial element of the new industrial revolution, called Industry 4.0 technologies. One of its aspects is ultrafast fiber lasers that give an opportunity to perform processes at high speeds. And 3D printing is the field where ultrafast fiber...


The development of the unique soliton fiber laser

Fiber laser technology is an advanced sphere of modern technology, where a lot of scientists from different countries are actively involved in developments. Last year, researchers from Russia demonstrated a newly developed and successfully tested unique soliton fiber laser. The Russian scientists explained that fiber lasers are of fundamental importance to scientific development all over...


Fiber laser as a pulverizer of kidney stones

Last month a health organization from the USA tested a newly developed fiber laser that can turn kidney stones into dust-like particles. Thanks to this new fiber laser technology, specialists are capable of reducing even large kidney stones to dust and then suction or flush them from the patient’s body. The super-pulsed fiber laser targets...


Fiber laser technology in providing marking traceability

Laser marking has grown significantly important because of the chain visibility value. Fiber laser technology allows parts to be marked before heat treatments and to be reliable after the process. Nowadays, we can consider that fiber laser technology made a revolution in traceability capabilities. Traceability is the ability of parts and products tracking across the...