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Main development challenges for multi kilowatt fiber lasers

According to scientists, stimulated Raman scattering is still one of the development challenges for multi kilowatt fiber lasers. To make an evolution in fiber laser technology towards multi kilowatt systems with the high-quality laser beam, fiber laser manufacturers should adopt stimulated Raman scattering mitigation strategies.  Stimulated Raman scattering is a nonlinear phenomenon. It appears when the...


Concept of supersymmetry in fiber laser technology

Ring microlasers have potential light sources for photonic applications. However, there can be some aspects to be solved. For example, connecting several fiber lasers into a set there can lead to unwanted extra modes. However, thanks to modern fiber laser technology, scientists could create chip-sized single mode lasers.  To develop such a single mode laser...


Fiber lasers application in the art world

We all perfectly know the impact of fiber laser technology on different spheres of science. The accuracy of the laser beam has become irreplaceable to the spheres of medicine, telecommunications, etc. However, just a few people have heard about the fiber lasers‘ appliances as art instruments. And we are not talking about restoring the old...


Fiber laser technology in battery manufacturing

According to the researchers, battery manufacturing has become a market that demonstrates significant growth nowadays. Mostly, that is because of the accelerated demand from the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Fiber laser manufacturers predict the high growth for integrating fiber laser technology in battery welding equipment (particularly laser-based). Fiber laser working principles are applied in battery...