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The development of new ultrafast fiber laser systems

Thanks to the development of ultrafast fiber laser systems in the last century, nowadays, we can observe a lot of their new applications. Fiber laser technology is applied in medical and industrial spheres starting with a cancer diagnosis and ending with 3D nano printing. So new representatives of compact fiber laser modules make our everyday...


Laser modules in the financial card markets

A new generation of laser modules was created in trusted identity, payments, and data protection. These laser modules give an opportunity to the customers to implement new laser modules in both the financial payment card and government ID card sectors.  The popularity of fiber laser technology is increasing enormously in different fields including both the...


The growing potential of fiber lasers

Since the end of the last century, fiber lasers have been considered to be elements of different scientific directions starting from the telecom market and ending with the medical procedure market. Moreover, they are widely used in a variety of advanced and scientific laser applications.  Different wavelength ranges, short pulse durations, nonreactivity to environmental conditions,...