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A newly developed self-cooling fiber laser

The researchers from the UK produced a self-cooling fiber laser. This fiber laser is based on a silica fiber laser design. The scientists are going to create fiber laser-based devices that could achieve exceptional purity and frequency stability. That will allow avoiding the necessity of external cooling, for example, using a water-based cooling system. A...


Fiber lasers for sensing as a part of a measurement

Specialists have developed new measurement solutions for highly effective manufacturing processes. Their whole design is based on the range of fiber lasers for sensing. The latest fiber laser design of a measuring mechanism allows gaging the inner geometric parameters of the cylindrical steel bands. That function is commonly used in the tire industry for non-contact...


Creation of a new multimode laser named OR-PAM

Scientists from Hong Kong have developed a new hybrid imaging technique that is called optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy (OR-PAM). The system is based on a fiber laser with a highly concentrated laser beam. It consists of five wavelengths which makes it highly effective in studies and it can be employed in several fields. The OR-PAM can...


Fiber lasers for higher marking traceability

According to recent studies, the global automation industry will greatly grow this year. So, manufacturers should constantly develop new ways to optimize processes and increase the quality of their products. They have to collect more precise information and improve automated identification systems based on fiber laser technology to advance traceability because the supply chains become...