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Fiber lasers demonstrate efficient detection of cancerous cells

Novel fiber laser systems have been developed by an international team of researchers to provide efficient detection of cancerous cells during the surgical process. The fiber laser is a part of a compact multimodal imaging system that enables testing tissue samples directly during surgery. It should be noted that usually microscopes based on fiber laser...


Laser systems for surgical operations

Researchers from the United States, Germany, and Switzerland have presented a comparison of the properties of two types of laser systems applied in urological procedures. The researchers have determined in which cases it is necessary to use each of them and which settings allow for achieving the best result. Laser systems have been used in...


Fiber laser systems with an oscillating head

The application of laser systems is widespread when it comes to the welding process. Specialists claim that fiber lasers will soon replace traditional welding technologies. Herewith, the diode-pumped fiber laser systems are most popular due to their low-cost, including the ongoing cost of maintenance, spare parts, and environmentally friendly. To be more precise, continuous-wave laser...


Nanoparticle fiber lasers with low tissue damage

A team of scientists from Australia has developed a microcavity laser system that emits energy-saving and user-safe laser beams with low pump power. Such fiber laser technology is very potential for nanoscale applications, especially in biology and medicine. The thing is that it is necessary to look deep inside tissue for biosensing and bioimaging research...


Nonlinear laser beams in spatial systems

A team of researchers from Switzerland has succeeded to produce high-energy, ultrashort pulses with single-mode laser beam originated from nonlinear beam cleaning in a multimode laser system cavity. The thing is that previously mode-locked fiber lasers applying single-mode optical fibers were supposed to just temporal modes. To be more precise, mode-locked single-mode fiber laser systems...