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Fiber laser systems act as weapons in military application

Nowadays technological progress has reached a milestone when laser system weapons installed on vehicles have become a reality. Vehicle-mounted laser beam weapons are considered to be a low-cost device for improving combat capabilities, applied by both regular and irregular armies involved in almost every conflict in the world.  Until recently, options for installing weapons on...


Fiber laser systems for metal cutting: a short overview

The process of precise metal cutting by hand is considered to be very challenging that is why the need for safer, quicker, and easier technology increases. Fiber laser technology is perfect for cutting because it focuses on laser beams of light to cut different materials, especially metals that are difficult to process compared to standard...


High-powered fiber laser systems provide geothermal drilling

The high-powered fiber laser system demonstrates high efficiency during field testing to make hard rock weaker, improve the cost of geothermal drilling, a laser beam process applied to achieve geothermal heat that is considered to be a clean and stable source of energy. It should be noted that the drilling process deep into the earth’s...


3D printing of multi-materials by a fiber laser system

The selective sintering based on fiber laser technology is considered to be a process that applies a laser system to heat powder materials leading to the fusion of micron-scale particles to create a solid mass, herewith, this technique finds its popularity in numerous manufacturing processes today. Herewith, previously the laser technology has been limited to...