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Fiber laser systems change the world

Numerous quantum laser technologies imply the application of narrow-linewidth tunable diode lasers, amplified and frequency-doubled laser systems, frequency combs, and wavelength meters. Fiber lasers play a crucial role in quantum technologies. For instance, the laser systems are considered to be a product of the first quantum revolution but their use is not limited to just...


Super pulsed fiber laser system for urology

One popular company-manufacturer of medical devices has presented innovative fiber laser technology that allows decreasing treatment time and increasing procedural efficiency. The super pulsed laser system is based on the thulium fiber laser technology developed for stone lithotripsy and soft tissue applications. To be more precise, the presented laser system obtained the regulatory approval that...


Fiber laser welding with filler material

The welding technology by fiber lasers continues to grow as a promising technique with developments in weld quality, reliability, and performance. Most fiber laser welding applications are regarded as autogenous, it means the weld is created entirely by melting parts of the base metal and no additional filler wire or powder is applied. To be...