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The tiny laser system operates at room temperature

An international team of researchers has presented the world’s most compact fiber laser that can operate in the visible range at room temperature. Such a laser system emit green coherent laser beam light at room temperature, herewith, it is possible to detect the light by the naked eye applying a conventional optical microscope. To be...


Fiber laser systems analyze cells non-destructively

Modern laser systems in microscopy allow researchers to discover how molecules within a cell react and interact when it comes to investigating how tumors grow. Such laser beam microscopy requires to be labeled with fluorescent substances that make them visible to researchers, however, this action can misrepresent the molecule behavior. New microscopes based on fiber...


Soliton fiber laser systems overcome constraints

The thing is that the generation of ultrashort laser beam pulses needs careful monitoring of the light’s dispersion provided by a fiber laser. To be more precise, there is a dependency of phase velocity and frequency, so a real laser beam pulse includes a spread in frequency, it will enlarge as it goes through an...