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A multicolored fiber laser system

One manufacturer of fiber laser systems offers supercontinuum breakthrough. The fact is that supercontinuum generation is considered to be based on intense laser beam light of one color that runs within a material, similar to glass, and increases into a spectrum of colors. Such fiber laser technology allows emitting laser beam light at colors required...


Laser systems look for water on Earth’s moon

The Moon always attracts people’s attention, it is fraught with many mysteries, which researchers try to reveal all of them. The thing is that there are craters in the south pole that have remained dark for billions of years, however, researchers claim that the region may include water. Therefore, NASA promotes groups to create techniques...


Fiber laser systems offer simple solutions

Nowadays there is a strong necessity to design an effective protection system that allows eliminating airborne incendiary devices. The thing is that balloons with attached incendiary materials, explosives and munitions present a great threat because with them it is possible to burn fields, destroy plants and animal life and endanger civilians and soldiers. The possible...


The operating principle of fiber laser engravers

Nowadays fiber laser systems for engraving become more and more popular and even replace the old laser technology. Numerous modern industries apply direct laser marking in their operations. The thing is that that fiber lasers offer such an advantage for engraving as their ability to leave a permanent mark on any material. Additionally, such laser...