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Fiber laser systems for material processing demonstrate their efficiency

Fiber lasers are often used in a combination with direct-diode laser systems. Herewith, a fiber laser contains an optical fiber that is an end- or side-pumped while a direct-diode laser system includes a non-gain optical fiber that is simply filled with light that is produced from numerous laser beam diodes connected to the fiber. It...


Tunable fiber laser generated with laughing gas

A team of researchers from the U.S. has developed a compact laser system that allows creating a tunable fiber laser that can be tuned over a wide range. To be more precise, the fiber laser is made from commercial off-the-shelf elements and is produced to emit terahertz waves by spinning up the energy of molecules...


Fiber laser systems for marking business

The technology of marking on items is regarded as one of the oldest since our ancestors put various markings and engravings on rocks and bones half a million years ago. Nevertheless, nowadays marking technique performed by modern fiber laser systems remains an essential aspect of a business. It should be noted that the first pneumatic...


Dissipative solitons in fiber laser systems

It should be noted that dissipative solitons are considered to be self-localized coherent structures issuing from the balance between energy supply and dissipation. Breathing dissipative solitons find their applications both in nonlinear science and practical applications, for instance, in spectroscopy. Herewith, the main application is in a mode-locked fiber laser system. The thing is that...