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High powered fiber lasers reduce critical blood incubation time

A team of researchers from Australia has developed a technology based on high powered fiber lasers that is considered to be the first of its kind resulting in the opportunity of pretransfusion testing out of the pathology lab and into point of care. Thus, the new fiber laser technology allows improving pretransfusion testing, such fiber...


Ultrafast machining by a high-rate fiber laser system

The opportunity to combine high-rate fiber laser systems and high-speed scanning systems allows performing fast and precise machining process of large substrates. Nowadays microprocessing using high-rate laser systems is considered to be a key laser technology for modern microfabrication and production.  To be more precise, the operation of new high-rate machining technology is based on...


New fiber laser system finds submarines

Recently it was noted that a team of researchers from China has successfully tested a new fiber laser system mounted on a plane flying over the South China Sea earlier this year. The laser system allows achieving 160 meters below the sea surface resulting in a significant boost of China’s naval deterrence capabilities. Nevertheless, it...


Fiber laser systems stop cruise missiles

Nowadays the fantastic application of laser systems becomes true, and today weapons based on laser technology are used whether in the hands of infantry, mounted on trucks, armored vehicles, warships, and even Air Force fighters. Therefore, it is planned to use fiber laser systems for the destruction of cruise missiles. To be more precise, fiber...