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Compact fiber laser system operates inside living tissues

A compact fiber laser system that can operate inside living tissues without damaging them has been recently developed by a team of researchers from Northwestern and Columbia Universities. The developed fiber laser has a thickness of just 50 to 150 nanometers that is considered to be about 1/1,000th the thickness of a single human hair....


Laser beams of high quality provide better vision

Laser technology enables procedures to be continued in minutes, with the laser system process counted in seconds. Thus, today it is possible to perform eye surgery by laser technology to improve people’s vision within minutes. Nevertheless, the main challenges are the cost of the procedure and the patient’s courage to go under the laser system....


The technology of 3D laser system scanning

There is a common opinion that laser technology allows measuring the distance only by directly measuring the “flight” time of the laser beam pulse to the reflecting object and vice versa. This laser technique (called pulse or time-of-flight or TOF) is used mainly in cases where the distances to the desired object are sufficiently large...


Pulsed fiber laser maintains temperature sensitive materials

Totally new laser technology for ceramic welding process was presented by engineers from the USA. The laser technology is based on the use of pulsed fiber laser that emits a series of short, ultrafast laser beam pulses to melt ceramic materials along with the interaction between two ceramic parts and fuse them. Additionally, the melting...