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Laser technology in dermatology

Laser technology has greatly advanced dermatology area resulting in strong help for practitioners that offer the best medical treatment for unique conditions, providing greater efficiency and safety. Laser system technology has promoted dermatology over the last few years, herewith, the development of laser systems and pulsed laser beam lights allows making the effective and safe...


Laser systems for autonomous driving

Nowadays high-powered laser system technology that provides the driving of light detection and ranging systems (LIDAR) becomes virtually a common tool used for the development of autonomous vehicles. To be more precise, the technique of LIDAR, based on the use of infrared laser systems, allows directing autonomous vehicles by producing a real-time, 3D image of...


Hybrid fiber laser system advances precision manufacturing

The process of fine details micromachining plays a very important role in high-volume manufacturing in various fields of laser application such as consumer electronics, medical devices, and automotive industry. Thus, highly accurate laser systems allow producing tiny holes, fine cuts, and narrow scribes. For example, the production of a usual smartphone that has thousands of...


Laser system cutting: full information

Laser system cutting is considered to be an industrial laser technology that is used in numerous fields. First laser beams were introduced in 1960 when the physicist Theodore Maiman employed a synthetic ruby crystal to create the first prototype that allowed making a straight laser beam. Nevertheless, the technology of laser cutting was presented only...