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Improved tunable fiber lasers for communications and scientific purposes

New improved tunable fiber lasers consist of the waveguides and filter components, a spot-size converter, and the on-chip tunable laser gain module that is installed at the semiconductor optical amplifier. The development of such a laser system is considered to reduce the cost of the tunable fiber lasers by decreasing the number of laser system’s...


Highly efficient fiber lasers that are safe for the eyes

Recently new highly efficient fiber lasers that are safe for the eyes have been developed by researchers from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. Based on the use of nanotechnology, the researchers include rare-earth ions of holmium in the core of the laser system’s silica fiber. Thus, this laser technology allows achieving an 85% level of...


Powerful mid-infrared laser system opens new opportunities for spectroscopic analytical technique

Researchers from Austria have developed a highly bright mid-infrared laser system that can be used for a spectroscopic analytical technique called ellipsometry. Such laser technology allows getting high-resolution spectral data information at a very short time (less than a second), therefore, the developed laser system opens new possibilities into quick changing properties of different samples...