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Laser system technology identifies trace chemicals in the air

A team of researchers from the USA has designed a novel laser system technique that allows identifying electric charges and chemicals of interest with unprecedented sensitivity. Such laser technology may find a potential laser application for scanning vast areas for radioactive material or dangerous chemicals for safety and security aims. This laser technique, called mid-infrared...


Early detection of natural disasters by laser systems

Natural disasters are considered to be horrifying because they often cause numerous deaths that is why researchers all around the world look for the way of preventing or prepare for the events. Thus, a group of scientists from the USA has developed a new early-detecting system that is potentially able to forecast various natural disasters...


Organic laser system diodes with low losses and electricity requirements

Researchers from Japan confirm that it is possible to use laser technology for lasing by direct electrical stimulation of an organic film. Later they have demonstrated a laser system diode that is based on organic semiconductors. Traditionally, organic laser system diodes create a pure light, however, higher magnitudes of currents are required than it is...