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Laser beam protects signal proteins participated in tissue engineering

The properties of laser beams generated from fiber laser systems remain largely understudied, that is why fiber laser could be used in various fields of laser application. For example, a group of researchers from Washington uses the light emitted from a laser beam to tether and untether signal proteins to the scaffolds participated in tissue...


Polariton nano-laser system operating at room temperature

Today polariton laser systems attract a lot of attention as the next laser technology generation due to its ability to operate at super low power, in spite of the fact that the development of laser modules is limited by problems in controlling the thermal stability of excitons, particularly in nanoscale tools. Recently a team of...


The use of laser systems in illumination products

The operation principle of a LED and a traditional semiconductor laser system is practically the same, it means that light is emitted during the combination of electrons and holes. However, the main difference is that the light of LEDs is emitted in a narrow spectral range while the light from semiconductor lasers is emitted in...


A potential application of laser systems

Nowadays the use of laser systems in medicine is not a new field of application, they are generally employed for diagnosis of different diseases, in burn scar treatment, bioimaging, dental science, and various surgical procedures. Laser applications are not limited and they continue developing. Thus, new research made by a group of scientists from the...