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New ultrafast fiber lasers

Nowadays ultrafast fiber laser systems have reached a new level in modern technologies. And recently a German company announced that they have developed a new fiber laser that had a perfect laser beam quality, high process technology and could be bought with average powers of more than 100 W from stock. At the end of...


Absolutely new time-reversed laser system

According to a group of researchers from Austria, recently they have found a way to make a novel laser system which light source would become a perfect light absorber, to be precise, so-called anti-laser module. Herewith, the researchers confirm that their device could suggest laser applications in mobile and medical areas. The concept of the...


Laser beams that can pass through opaque materials

Now scientists are developing a laser beam of high quality that will be able to pass through opaque materials without diffusion. The thing is that usually, light scatters or reflects when you shine it through a fog, consequently, the laser beam spreads out. Nevertheless, there are cases when it is highly important to pass a...