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Direct diode laser technology in the metal cutting industry

The laser system is a universal technology that is ideally fit for numerous areas of application. The metal cutting industry is the number one user of laser technologies for material cut with lasers. Today such industries use about 100 types of different metals worldwide and practically all types of lasers are able to manage with...


Laser systems of the future

Recently, a research team from the USA has advanced laser system technology ten years into the future. The fact is that the research team unified lasers and silicon and developed mode-locked quantum dot laser module on silicon. Herewith, it is planned that the laser system will offer new fields of application. The mode-locked quantum dot...


NASA develops an advanced femtosecond laser system

Now human lifestyle requires saving time and money that is why it is highly necessary to make some improvements in technologies, and laser technology is not an exclusion because includes numerous fields of application. This is the reason why a group of researchers from NASA has decided to make an experiment with femtosecond laser module....


Fiber laser system emits exceptionally pure light

Recently researchers from Massachusetts have developed a novel fiber laser system that has a compact size and is able to emit light with a high level of spectral purity. Moreover, the fiber laser’s light remains unchanged to environmental conditions. The researchers confirm that the novel laser system will be useful for future scientific applications that...