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Laser systems against acts of a terrorist nature

Today in the era of new technologies it is very hard to imagine human life without the use of laser systems. Fiber lasers became an integral part of modern equipment and the society in whole. The fields of their application continue to enlarge and include not only physics, medicine or other natural sciences, but also...


Space laser system technology and Facebook

The theme of space exploration remains highly actual not only for companies specialized in it but also for ordinary enterprises. Space holds numerous secrets that are extremely hard to uncover and this is the main reason why people are striving to be closer to it, and consequently, they build observatories with large telescopes in them....


Femtosecond laser system in nanolithography of crystals

It remains quite difficult to examine optical properties of materials that can be effectively used for development of advanced technologies in different fields of applications. The reason is challenging access to surface alteration that enhances new opportunities for light manipulation beyond already well-known optical properties. Testing of optical properties is more difficult at nanoscale level....


Laser diode system in food production

It is not a secret that laser systems are the most frequently used tool in different areas of human life, especially, in the industrial sphere. Today lasers make the process of food production easier and faster and help to control the quality of end products. Thus, researchers from Spain have developed laser diode sensor that...