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Fiber laser systems in jewelry manufacturing industry

All the time jewelry is an indispensable part of human life. Jewelry is a way of decoration for women who are looking toward beauty and fashion. For men jewelry was a mean of payment because it has been used instead of money and was a sign of wealth. As far as almost all jewelry is...


Laser systems provide fast data transmission from space to the Earth

It is not new information that lasers and laser systems became an essential part of modern life. The fields of their application are not limited by physics and medicine. Nowadays laser modules are quite often used at space stations and demonstrate good results that will be useful for space exploration. At the present time a...


Solid-state laser systems take the place of conventional gas lasers

All the times fiber lasers are taken for very specialized and highly expensive devices that can be used only in the laboratory. Nevertheless, time moves on and lasers have been changed. Fiber laser modules have become more compact, more dependable and cheaper. The fields of laser application continue to spread; they are used in such...


Modern fiber lasers enable new materials processing applications

Modern fiber lasers differ from other industrial laser sources by their brightness, stability, and flexibility. Also fiber laser systems are a widespread used in the manufacturing industry because of their efficiency, reliability quality and quite low laser cost of operation that make it possible for machines to cut, weld, mark, and micromachine materials. All the...