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Fiber Lasers in the Automotive Industry

The global automotive industry has been a pioneer in adopting fiber laser technology into the manufacturing process, perhaps starting as early as 1973 when Ford Motor Co. purchased an underbody laser welding system for an assembly line. Nowadays fiber laser market will grow faster than predicted earlier due to the increased interest from automobile and...


Ytterbium Fiber Lasers for Laser Marking Process

Laser engraving is a rapidly growing area of fiber laser application. The process of fiber laser engraving consists of multiple stages. First, an intense diode light is pumped into the end of fiber optic cables that are doped with a rare earth element ytterbium. Next, the energy from the pumped light is absorbed by the...


Russian Scientists Developed a High-Precision Laser for Satellite Navigation

Scientists from ITMO University’s Research Institute of Laser Physics have developed a special high power laser with short pulse duration for precise measurement of the distance between the Moon and the Earth. This laser will use in a lunar laser locator. Satellite coordinates must be as accurate as possible to ensure precise object location. The...


Current and Future Trends and Applications of Ti: Sapphire Lasers

Today Ti: Sapphire lasers are becoming more and more practical due to the recent advents of turnkey, hands-free, commercially available and diode-pumped lasers. The extended tunability of these lasers has enabled the use of various dyes with distinct absorption spectra and chemical properties. Nowadays Ti: Sapphire lasers has been instrumental in different specialty areas, such...