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Tunable lasers can save money while making networks more versatile

The distinctive feature of the tunable fiber laser is a wavelength of operation, which can be altered in a controlled manner. Only several types of fiber lasers allow continuous tuning over a significant range. Tunable fiber lasers are usually operating in a continuous way with a small emission bandwidth, although some Q-switched and mode-locked fiber...


High power fiber lasers with the exceptional build quality and reliability

High power fiber lasers are extraordinary devices. The laser has been the most significant, after the transistor, technological invention since World War 2. Nowadays lasers and laser systems find widespread application in different fields of science, engineering, and technology. They can be used for scanning barcodes, machining and welding, reading compact discs, printing paper, precision...


Contemporary developments in ultrafast laser industry

The last decade has been marked by a significant progress on the field of ultrafast lasers which generate optical pulses in the picosecond and femtosecond range. Specialized laboratory laser systems, in other words, have been transformed to compact, reliable instruments. Such laser systems have been dramatically improved and opened up new frontiers for applications by...


High-power lasers and their basics and features

The major position in laser processing field is rightly being given to the high-power fiber laser thanks to such quite qualities as high beam quality, energy efficiency, space efficiency, stability, and reliability. The fiber laser is a laser that uses an optical fiber as the active medium, which is usually has a rare-earth-doped core. The...


How Best to Penetrate the Global Fiber Laser Market? Market Projection and Future Opportunities

According to market estimates, the global fiber laser market will grow incessantly at least next several years. The growing expansion and diversity of fiber laser products by fiber laser manufacturers are one of the latest trends that will contribute to the growth of this market in the forthcoming years. Fiber laser manufacturers are interesting heavily...