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Ultrafast lasers offer a great chance as an innovative manufacturing tool for the future of science and technology

The truly unique and promising characteristics of the ultrafast pulsed lasers have opened up new opportunities for processing special materials: It means the materials that use ultrashort pulse widths and extremely high peak intensities. The ultrafast pulsed lasers are beginning to be used more often for both fundamental research and practical applications at the present...


Ultraviolet Lasers and Their Potential in Science and Technology

Ultraviolet laser products are primarily intended for use in advanced studies and development in the industrial sphere. Ultraviolet lasers and optical emitters are used in biotechnology and medical markets to create such special tools like sterilization and dezinfectant devices. UV lasers offer to developers huge opportunities based on a noncontact method of producing microstructures on...


Development and Application of Fiber Lasers in Medical Sector

In recent years important progress has been made in the development of fiber-optic technologies in general and in particular in the developments related to the fiber lasers. Fiber-optic lasers are compact and reliable — and for now, they are used more and more in surgical procedures in such areas as diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical medical...


Pulsed and Continuous Wave (CW) Green Fiber Lasers

A large-scale green fiber lasers production allows to serve new markets and applications in an increasing number. Now it’s possible to visually trace a high-energy particle flows in gases and to further characterize them with the help of powerful green lasers. Green fiber lasers can also be used for a photoacoustic measurements of hemoglobin. Today...