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Recent progress on fiber laser systems

Fiber lasers have been first demonstrated in 1964 by Snitzer and since then have experienced extensive research and development over the past couple of decades. The research into fiber laser technology has been fueled by numerous advantages that fiber lasers provide, as well as their superiority to bulk solid-state lasers; fiber lasers have not only...


Femtosecond fiber laser market forecast

Fiber lasers have an active medium that is made up of an optical fiber that is doped with rare-earth components, some of which include ytterbium, erbium, dysprosium, neodymium, thulium, holmium and praseodymium. Due to the use of these rare-earth components, fiber lasers have a huge bandwidth and are extremely effective. The production of moderately cheap,...


Fiber lasers for cutting and drilling applications: femtosecond fiber lasers, picosecond fiber lasers

Multimode fiber lasers have been used in concrete drilling and cutting. The reason behind the use of fiber laser system in this application is the ability of fiber lasers to cut concrete without fracturing it. The concrete structures that are designed to be earthquake-proof often contain things like rebar to bolster its strength so it...