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Femtosecond fiber lasers for bioimaging

Sub-micron spatial imaging resolution can be achieved through the use of optical microscopy which offers well-established techniques. The development of fiber optic technology, including fiber laser systems, has been noticed and used in many applications. Recently, researchers have found that ultrashort light pulses that are produced by femtosecond fiber lasers can be utilized in a...


Femtosecond fiber lasers: advantages and applications

Fiber lasers are lasers that have an active medium is made up of an optical fiber which is doped with special rare-earth components like ytterbium, erbium, dysprosium, etc. A huge bandwidth and effectiveness of these components allow for a cheaper and more compact fiber laser components. This, in turn, allows the production of moderately cheap...


Fiber lasers for deep metal etching

Deep etching in metal is vital for numerous applications, some of which include oil and gas exploration, gun and fire arms manufacturing, aerospace, pipe lines, infrastructure projects where metal is used, etc. In most of these applications, the etching metal parts are marked to depth exceeding 0.254 mm. This depth is justified by the need...