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Fiber laser system for solar sail: potential for a breakthrough

The prospect of interstellar travel has been a dream of humanity for a long time. The recent rapid technological advances made interstellar travel a possibility, providing possible solutions for the difficulties that come with travelling between stars or planetary systems, such as large distances, power supply limitations, etc. One of the biggest limitations for interstellar...


Fiber laser cutting vs CO2 laser cutting

The difference between fiber laser and CO2 laser performance has caused a confusion in the marketplace as the pros and cons of two technologies. The comparison of the two technologies can present the advantages and disadvantages of both technologies and reveal the potential of their use for laser cutting. The light inside a fiber laser...


High-power ytterbium-doped fiber lasers for biomedical applications

Ytterbium-doped fiber lasers work in a near-infrared spectral window and are capable of high-power operation. They have gained popularity in the recent years due to their high-energy wideband operation. A wide range of physical attributes, like single longitudinal mode, also knows as single frequency, broad gain bandwidth, high power efficiency, outstanding thermo-optical properties and fully...


Precise in-orbit debris tracking using fiber laser technology

Uncontrollable objects in the Earth’s orbit are a big nuisance and danger for modern space travel. As the modern economy is dependant on satellites, in-orbit debris is also a risk for the global economy. Orbit debris consists mainly of decommissioned or damaged satellites, fragments of space stations and other remnants of space missions. The main...


Fiber lasers for military applications

Lasers, including fiber laser systems, are already widely used in a variety of applications in the military. Fiber lasers are used in LIDAR systems for accurate and precise construction of high-resolution maps, laser guidance, airborne laser swath mapping, laser altimetry. The most common fiber lasers that are used for high-resolution mapping are 1550 nm fiber...