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Narrow linewidth and ultra narrow linewidth lasers

Narrow linewidth lasers, or lasers that have a small optical linewidth, are usually single-frequency, with low RIN and high spectral purity as a result of low phase noise. The most common types of narrow linewidth lasers are distributed feedback laser diodes and distributed Bragg reflector lasers. Ultra narrow linewidths can be achieved by using a...


High Power CW Fiber Lasers

CW fiber lasers operate continuously, they constantly emit light, as opposed to lasers that operate with pulsed pumping. Fiber lasers are often the only ones to operate continuously, as fiber greatly increases gain efficiency. CW lasers typically function with an output of power that is constant, however, some power variations may occur due to mode...


Lasers for optical tweezing

Optical tweezers, also known as optical traps, were first introduced in 1986 and since then have been widely used in different applications, being particularly successful in the field of biological studies, where optical tweezers are used to study DNA sequences, interactions of proteins, etc. Optical tweezers have been used in numerous studies which involve optical...


Advantages of high beam quality lasers

Beam quality can sometimes be an overlooked quality of a laser; however, this characteristic provides several advantages, such as faster and finer-feature machining, better process quality and an increased depth of focus. High beam quality laser has strong focusing capabilities and allows for a longer working distance which means that these types of lasers can...