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CW fiber laser modules for OEM integration

Optromix Company offers CW fiber laser modules for OEM integration: single mode green and single frequency fiber laser modules. The laser module is particularly suited for OEM system integration when a compact design and remote beam delivery are critical factors. The laser part and the optical head can be ordered separately, which offers high flexibility...


Low Power Single Frequency CW Fiber Lasers

Narrow linewidth lasers with good beam quality attracted much attention in recent years due to their laser diverse applications in remote sensing, gravitational wave detection, nonlinear frequency conversion. Recently, reported a widely tunable in the middle infrared radiation (2.7 to 17 μm). Additionally, 1064 nm has especially application in sum frequency generation (SFG) with 1319...


Laser types for micro welding: selecting the right laser.

Four types of lasers can be used for micro welding: pulsed neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd: YAG), continuous wave fiber, quasi-continuous wave (QCW) fiber, and nanosecond fiber. Each type offers unique features that work best for specific applications. In some cases, several options may work: that’s when a cost of ownership and service -ability can...