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Ultraviolet (UV )Excimer Lasers for Photonics Applications

Numerous photonics applications in research and industry require ultraviolet (UV) laser light. Only a few types of conventional laser systems provide UV light, and those emit at fixed wavelengths. Gas lasers, laser diodes, and solid-state lasers can be manufactured to emit ultraviolet light, and lasers are available which cover the entire UV range. The nitrogen...


Importance of Laser beams profile technology

There are many applications of lasers in which the beam profile technology is of critical importance. When the beam profile is important, it is usually necessary to measure it to ensure that the suitable profile exists. For some lasers and applications, this may be necessary only during the design and fabrication phase of the laser....


Narrow Spectral line width of high power lasers

High power laser diodes have been developed for applications including solid-state laser pumping, fiber laser pumping, and material processing. The spectral bandwidth of high power diodes typically spread over the range of 3-5 nm. Narrow emission spectrum in the range of 0.1-0.5 nm and a smaller wavelength tolerance can be extremely beneficial for special applications...