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Quasi-continuous-wave (quasi-CW) technique

Quasi-continuous-wave (quasi-CW) operation of a laser means that its pump source is switched on only for certain time intervals, which are short enough to reduce thermal effects significantly, but still long enough that the laser process is close to its steady state, i.e. the laser is optically in the state of continuous-wave operation. The duty...


Femtosecond and transform limited ultrashort laser pulses

The main structure element for generating femtosecond light pulses are lasers. Within two decades after the laser development  the duration of the shortest pulse fall by six orders of magnitude from the nanosecond to the femtosecond regime. Nowadays femtosecond pulses in the range of 10 fs and below can be generated directly from compact and...


Nonlinear Raman Scattering spectroscopic techniques

At the present day, many types of spectroscopic techniques are available to researchers. Standard spectroscopy, such as absorption and emission spectroscopy, is linear and uses one incident light beam. In this case, the observed light interactions have a tendency to be weak and the spectra produced can be indefinite. Nonlinear spectroscopy, such as Coherent  Raman...


Fiber laser light source global market development

Fiber lasers are used for material processing applications such as cutting and welding in the automotive, manufacturing, heavy industry, and consumer electronic sectors. They are also being used for medical applications. Apart from the mentioned, fiber laser source is used for marking and engraving components for better traceability and for removing product falsification and inventory...