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Photonic Crystal Fiber technology (PCF)

Photonic crystal fibers and fiber lasers are two of the most rapidly developing spheres of optics and photonics over recent years. Photonic crystal fibers are a new class of optical fibers. They have unique artificial like crystal microstructure. They can guide light not only through a common total internal reflection mechanism but with the usage...


Fiber Laser for Micromachining technology

Over the last years, the fiber laser technology and its potentials have been sparking the interest laser manufacturers as well as researchers and industrial users. Lasers have an excellent beam quality provided observable advantages and enhancements in high precision and material processing at the micro scale. Micromachining is concerned with making small characteristic features using...


The methods for Fiber Bragg Grating inscription

Development of the fiber photosensitivity has opened up new opportunities. The photosensitivity permits fabricating fiber Bragg gratings (FBG), which are now prevalent in many applications such as multiplexers, demultiplexers, and optical add/drop filters, where individual wavelength selection and separation is required. Fiber Bragg gratings are generated by “inscribing” or “writing” systematic changing of refractive index...


Basic Optical Components of Integrated Photonics

As an example of an important branch of optics that includes some of disciplines is the field of integrated optics or, in other words, integrated photonics. Integrated photonics is represented by the combining  of waveguide technology with other disciplines, such as electro-optics, acoustooptics, nonlinear optics, and optoelectronics.   The term “integrated photonics” means the fabrication...