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Types of fiber lasers based on wavelength in the different micron range

Among the different types of lasers, fiber lasers are the fast-growing and prevalent type of laser due to their meaningful advantages: flexibility, efficiency, and high performance. Most advances in fiber laser technology focused on ytterbium (Yb)-doped fibers operating around 1 micron(µm). Two factors influence the success of these lasers. First, the materials can be very...


Single-frequency distributed feedback fiber lasers (DFB lasers)

Fiber lasers with the distributed feedback (DF) offer unique properties. Distributed Feedback laser is a laser where the whole resonator consists of a periodic structure, which acts as a distributed reflector in the wavelength range of laser action, and contains a gain medium. Prevalently, the periodic structure is made with a phase shift in its...


Narrow bandwidth laser sensing (FWHM)

In recent times, single frequency lasers with narrow bandwidth have long coherence length and this is an essential property for many applications in industry and science. One of the applications is remote laser sensing and in particularly laser guide star, where high power narrow band width laser at 589nm is required for excitation of sodium...