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Frequency tuning high-technology laser spectrometer systems for spectroscopy

Recent developments in laser technology make accessible a wide variety of laser spectrometers applications. Raman spectroscopy has been reactivated by the use of high-technology laser systems in the visible spectrum. The term spectroscopy identifies methods where the interaction of light with matter is used. Optical spectrum plays a meaningful role and the strength of interaction...


Complete laser systems: “Tamper-proof” UV range pulsed laser

Researchers at Heriot-Watt are developing a tamper-proof hologram that could change serial numbers and barcodes, reducing the trade in counterfeit goods. It is being possible with the use of the ultraviolet (UV) nanosecond-pulsed laser. UV range laser can record unique holograms with micro-sized features directly on the surface of metals, making them tamperproof. UV laser...