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Utilizing Nd:YAG Q-switched Lasers in Solid-State Laser Technology

Q-switching technique is usually utilized in solid-state laser technology to generate nanosecond high energy pulses. It creates short pulses through regulating cavity losses. Q factor (quality factor) is a definition of an oscillation damping strength measurement. There are two types of q-switching: passive and active. Active q-switching technique uses an electrically controlled modulator (acousto-optic or...


Thulium Fiber Laser for LIDAR and Gas Sensing Systems

Ultra-short pulsed femto- and picosecond lasers are in high demand today. Thulium-doped lasers, definitely, stand out because of their capability to generate emissions in a wide range. Thulium Fiber Laser has unique qualities which make it perfect for a lot of different applications, namely, medicine, spectroscopy, laser ranging and micromachining of transparent materials, in particular,...