Optromix CL-7500 Product Line

Narrow Linewidth High Pulse Energy 193 nm, 248 nm Excimer Laser

Parameter ArF KrF
Wavelength (nm) 193 248
Linewidth (pm) < 3
Nominal Pulse Energy (mJ) 100 250
Max repetition rate (Hz)
CL 7520
CL 7550
Pulse Duration (ns) ~ 20
Stability of pulse energy (sigma, %) < 2
Beam Size (FWHM, V x H, mm) 20 x 6
Beam Divergency (FWHM, V x H, mrad) < 0.2
Spatial coherence (mm) >5
Temporal coherence (mm) >10
Jitter (ns) < 2
Dimensions (L x W x H, mm) 2000 x 800 x 747
Cooling water < 3 liter/min
Power Consumption 380/220V, 50Hz,7kW
Gas 1 premix cylinder
Control RS 232, Windows


Narrow linewidth excimer laser

MOPA design – Master Oscillator & Power Amplifier

Wavelength tuning



● FBG writing

Optromix CL-7500 model is a high pulse energy DUV Excimer laser using ArF, KrF gas premixes. The corresponding wavelengths are 193 nm and 248 nm.

PDF: Excimer Laser Optromix Optromix CL-7500, 193 nm, Max. Pulse Energy up to 100 mJ

PDF: Excimer Laser Optromix Optromix CL-7000, 248 nm, Max. Pulse Energy up to 250 mJ

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