Celius ­SF-­5xx series

Single­ frequency CW 515 nm (546 nm) fiber laser

Key Features:

  • Single-frequency
  • Ultra-narrow linewidth (< 200 kHz)
  • Superior beam quality (M2<1.05)Thermal wavelength tuning (0.25 nm)
  • Fast piezo tuning (20 pm)
  • Additional output for the wavelength monitoring
  • Long coherence length
  • TEM00 mode
Parameter Celius-SF-515 Celius-SF-546
Central wavelength 515 nm 546 nm
Linewidth < 200 kHz
Beam quality (M2) ≤ 1.05
Nominal output power 100mW, 200mW,500mW ,1W,2W,3W
Power stability < ± 1 %
RIN noise ( RIN peak - app. 0.3 MHz) RIN level - <-120 @ peak
Polarization Linear or random
Fast piezo tuning built-in
Piezo tuning range 20 pm
Piezoelectric Modulation Frequency up to 10 kHz
Wavelength thermal tuning range 250 pm


  • Atomic trapping and cooling
  • Spectroscopy
  • Holography
  • Two-photon standard
  • High resolution microscopy
  • Atomic lithography
  • Interferometry
  • Others

Celius-SF-515 is a single-frequency ultra-narrow linewidth long coherence length low noise 515 nm (546 available, 515 - 561 nm optional) fiber laser based on a proprietary technology for an intra-cavity doubling of the unpolarised Yb-doped fiber laser with linearly polarized output (patent pending). Cellius-SF-515 key parameter is an ultra-narrow linewidth (< 200 kHz) based on the longitudinal single mode. Celius comes with a piezoelectric tuning with external or built-in (optional) wavelength modulation at kHz bandwidth for locking purposes. Cellius is controlled by the onboard digital display, switches, and adjustment controllers. The control interface software provides optionally.This is a perfect tool for research labs due to excellent performance, high reliability, and lower cost.

Specific characteristics:

Single Frequency CW 515 nm fiber laser Celius-SF-515, FWHM <200 kHz, Nominal output power 100,200,500 mW, 1,2,3 W Detailed Characteristics Ask for quotation
Single Frequency CW 546 nm fiber laser Celius-SF-546, FWHM <200 kHz, Nominal output power 100,200,500 mW, 1,2,3 W Detailed Characteristics Ask for quotation

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