InfraLight-SP CO2 Laser

Key Features:

  • Short pulse
  • High amplification
  • Wavelength tuning
  • Wide range of working pressure (from 200 to 1000 mbar)
  • Computer control
  • Built-in gas regeneration system
Model InfraLight-SP-10 InfraLight-SP-100
Pulse repetition rate 10 Hz 100 Hz
Wavelength tuning 9.2 - 10.8 μm
Pulse energy (line P(20)) 700 mJ *
Average output power 7 W 60 W
Average power stability 0.8% per hour
Pulse-to-pulse energy fluctuations (standard deviation) 2%
Pulse duration (FWHM) 50 - 100 ns
Divergence M2=5.6; E=700 mJ
M2=2.5; E>350 mJ
Beam size 11 x 11 mm

* - max. pulse energy 1000 mJ without wavelength tuning


  • Isotope separation
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Surface cleaning
  • Marking
  • Holing in circuit boards
  • IR spectroscopy

Optromix InfraLight-SP is a CO2 laser with wavelength tuning 9.2 μm to 10.8 μm and short pulse duration of 50-100 ns. It offers outstanding performance in industrial material processing purposes and other applications.

InfraLight-SP is very easy to use; it is controlled with computer and provides our customers with user-friendly interface.

There are numerous applications that InfraLight-SP might be used for, including isotope separation, non-destructive testing, LIDAR, surface cleaning, marking, holing in circuit boards and IR spectroscopy.

InfraLight-SP-10 CO2 Laser, 9.2 - 10.6 μm, Pulse Energy 700 Detailed Characteristics Ask for quotation
mJ, Average Power 7 W, Pulse Repetition Rate 10 Hz Detailed Characteristics Ask for quotation
InfraLight-SP-100 CO2 Laser, 9.2 - 10.6 μm, Pulse Energy Detailed Characteristics Ask for quotation
700 mJ, Average Power 60 W, Pulse Repetition Rate 100 Hz Detailed Characteristics Ask for quotation

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