InfraLight-L CO2 Laser

Key Features:

  • 2-beams laser (2 discharge volume in one head)
  • Generation of 2 waves of radiation synchronously or with
  • temporary delay
  • Fast wavelength tuning
  • High repetition rate
  • Single unit
  • Computer control
Wavelength 9.2 - 10.8 μm
Max pulse energy (P20) 10 mJ*
Max repetition rate 300 Hz**
Max average power 8 W
(multimode) 2 μs
Pulse duration 8 mm
Beam size < 3 mrad
Divergence ± 4
Pulse stability (90% pulses) < 5 ms
Tuning time from R(20) to P(20)

* - optionally up to 20 mJ

** - optionally up to 500 Hz


  • CO2 laser for IR LIDAR

Optromix InfraLight-L is a CO2 laser with tunable wavelength 9.2 μm to 10.8 μm and high repetition rate of 300 Hz. InfraLight is a 2-beam laser, it has two discharge volumes in one head, which means that one unit generates two waves of radiation. InfraLight can create two waves simultaneously or with a temporary delay.

InfraLight-L fits perfectly well for CO2 laser IR LIDAR system. It offers the outstanding stability of power, fast wavelength tuning and compact size.

InfraLight-L CO2 Laser, 9.2 - 10.8 μm, Max Pulse Energy 10 Detailed Characteristics Ask for quotation
mJ, Max Average Power 8 W, Pulse Repetition Rate 300 Hz Detailed Characteristics Ask for quotation

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