InfraLight-100 CO2 Laser

Key Features:

  • Extended gas mixtures lifetime - quasi-sealed operation mode
  • High repetition rate
  • Single unit
  • Computer control
Wavelength 10.6 µm
Pulse energy (multimode) 50 mJ
Max repetition rate 300 Hz
Max average power (multimode) 15 W
Pulse duration 3 µs
Beam size 10 mm
Beam Divergency < 3 mrad


  • Marking
  • Engraving of non-metallic surface
  • Holing in circuit boards
  • IR spectroscopy
  • Surface cleaning

Optromix InfraLight-100 is a CO2 laser with 10.6 µm wavelength and average output power 15 W. 10.6 µm wavelength demonstrates outstanding results in processing different types of materials with varied thickness. InfraLight-100 is very stable and produces little spatter.

InfraLight-100 operates in a quasi-sealed operation mode, a gas mixture ensures the extended lifetime of the laser. We offer the most effective CO2 lasers with minimum maintenance required, which can be used for a wide range of applications, including marking, engraving non-metallic surface, holing in circuit boards, surface cleaning, and laser for LIDAR. Moreover, it produces laser wavelength important for spectroscopy, specifically IR spectroscopy.

InfraLight-100 CO2 Laser, 10.6 µm, Pulse Energy 50 mJ, Average Power 15 W, Max Repetition Rate 300 Hz Detailed Characteristics Ask for quotation

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