Auto scanning laser system T&D Scan

Key Features:

  • –°ombined ultra-wide-tunable Ti:Sapphire & Dye laser
  • Linewidth < 0.001 nm ( 1 GHz);
  • Extra wide tunable UV-VIS-NIR spectral ranges.
  • Fully computerised system
Model T&D scan
Wavelength range 275 -1100 nm
Linewidth < 0.001 nm/ < 0.05 nm
Wavelength accuracy 0.001 nm/0.01 nm
Output power Up to 4 W in the range 550-1100 nm Up to 500 mW in the range 275-550 nm
Scanning modes Smooth scanning/step-scan
Optional shipment Laptop, laser emission power meter, night-vision device, optional dye circulation system, pumping laser


  • Quantum semiconductor structures studies;
  • Metamaterials studies;
  • Nano-technological applications;
  • Quality control.

T&D scan is an exclusive tunable laser system provides an excellent solution for nanotechnology-oriented laser spectrometry. The system consists of CW narrow-line tunable laser (linewidth < 1 GHz), wavelength meter, control unit with USB port and operational software.

T&D scan main features are efficient intra-cavity frequency doubling and a combination of Ti:Sapphire & dye lasers that provide an ability to perform in an extra wide tunable range from 275 nm to 1100 nm. The system includes user-friendly interface to control different settings modes, scanning emission wavelengths and data operation modes.

T&D scan, a completely automated advanced laser system, is perfect for various research studies that require technologies with high spectral resolution and broad spectral range: UV, visible and infrared spectral ranges.

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T&D scan shows outstanding results in performing nano-technological applications, quantum semiconductor structures studies, meta-materials studies and quality control.

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